bassnectar opens yoga studio


Bassnectar Opens Yoga Studio

20 Aug , 2014  

With the rise in yoga selfies on facebook, one EDM artist is branching out in order to take advantage of the situation.

“I get a lot of hippie dudes at my shows. I needed to find a way to tap into the girl market and noticed a lot of girls on facebook have been posting yoga pictures lately. It seemed like something I could learn. Now I’m a licensed yoga teacher!” Lorin Ashton, aka Bassnectar, tells us. “I’ve got the walls covered in mirrors for easier selfie angles. I even put some on the ceiling. We installed the highest speed internet and offer free wifi for easy posting to Facebook and Instagram. I have a green screen set up so students can make it look like they’re in a lush field or on a surf board on the lake.”

Bassnectar has even been hiring the more attractive females to do live yoga on stage during his performances.

“About 20 minutes into my live set I take a short break and play a commercial for my yoga studio on the giant LED screens. I’m already franchising out the business to other cities. There are 7 more studios opening up across the United States and I have one opening in Brazil next month!” says Lorin.

It is rumored that next years EDC festivals will include a side tent where Bassnectar will be teaching yoga classes all day long.

“I’ve been thinking about taking a break from performing and just focus on yoga for a while. My next business venture is going to be a smoothie stand.” Says Bassnectar of his future plans.

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