Young Producer Begged By Soundcloud To Upload Mashups

24 Aug , 2015  

In a sad time when DJs and producers are finding tracks pulled from their accounts every day, it seems Soundcloud has taken interest in one young lad.

“Yeah dawg, I mean, I only had a couple mashups and bootlegs on my page but then suddenly I start getting these emails and messages from Soundcloud begging me to upload more!” Young Chris “DJ XTC NRG” Stangum tells us. “They really like my work. I think it’s the fact that I just go in and bass boost the fuck out of the final mix cuz you can really feel the kicks on your laptop speakers”

We reached out to Soundcloud to find out why, after angering hundreds and hundreds of artists that have paid for premium accounts year after year, would they pick such a no-name kid to support. We could not get a response.

After a few days of Chris “DJ XTC NRG” Stangum posting as many mashups as he could, we got an insider tip that Chris’ father works for Sony Entertainment. Because of the current deal of Sony being able to take down whatever they feel like on Soundcloud it seems that Chris’ father is using the power to help out his son by white-listing his Soundcloud account.

We soon believe that Chris “DJ XTC NRG” Stangum may be the only account left on Soundcloud after everyone else gets deleted.

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