lil jon runs out of catch phrases


Lil Jon Runs Out Of Catch Phrases

4 Aug , 2014  

Hugely popular vocalist, Lil Jon, who has championed such phrases as “Yeah!” and “Okay!” has finally turned down and lost his inspiration for popular phrases for songs. Also known as “vocal drops” in the electronic dance music world, his recent popular phrase “Turn Down For What” is known around the world.

“I have a back log of requests from artists wanting me to record sayings for their songs but I’ve just run out of ideas.” laments Lil Jon in a recent email interview with OMGEDM. “I’ve seen that food is popular in the dance music world right now so I’ve tried some phrases such as ‘Slice This Pizza’ or ‘Mix This Shake’ but no one will accept the final recordings.”

Not much is known as to what the future holds for Lil Jon as he struggles in the studio.

“GET CRANKY” yells Lil Jon into the mic as we visited him in the studio last week. He then goes down a list in his note pad, “SIT DOWN FOR BREAKFAST”, “POKE ME ON FACEBOOK” & “HEY GUYS” are a couple to remember as you will hear them on the upcoming singles from The Chainsmokers, Zedd & Snoop Lion.

“I’ll pull through this. I’m the champion of words!” Lil Jon states with confidence.

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