Steve Aoki Goes Glutton Free


Steve Aoki Goes Gluten Free

4 Aug , 2014  

Following a recent scare at EDC: Vegas, Steve Aoki’s dietitian urged him to start a gluten free diet on his next tour. “The man just consumes a lot of cake and other starch heavy foods.” says Dr Dale Patel, Aoki’s touring physician. “Steve’s allergy to wheat and flour just finally caught up to him. I suggested throwing out real fruit popcicles but he noted the danger of the wooden sticks and how someone’s eye could be poked out.”

Steve Aoki starts his next tour in the coming weeks at his Dim Mak studios in Hollywood. We sat down with Steve for and he shared his last moments of cake throwing with us.

“I was on stage at EDC Vegas and was doing my usual thing. I had just come down from climbing the scaffolding and my tour manager Mark was motioning that it was time to throw another cake. Earlier that day Dr Dale had broken the news about my new-found gluten allergy but it hadn’t really hit me yet. As I grabbed the cake from Mark to throw, I started scanning the crowd and found a beautiful girl wearing an indian head dress to target. Then it hit me. What if this girl also is allergic to gluten? What if she didn’t take her Claritin this morning? Am I a horrible person for throwing this cake at this girl? What if when I throw it, I accidentally lick the cake off of my hands? What if it upsets my stomach? These are the things that I thought about. Life really runs through your head quick in those moments.”

When asked what he was going to do different on his upcoming tour, Steve had the following to say:

“I’m not really sure. I got together with my friends to develop a tasty gluten free cake recipe. It’s a flourless chocolate cake that is just to die for!”

We hit the streets shortly after talking with Steve to see what the fans had to say.

“I’m going to miss the cake. It was really fluffy and good.” – Jake Bergrenn / Austin, TX

“I don’t really care much for cake anyways. I wish he would throw out some peanuts or maybe some lettuce-wrapped turkey burgers.” – Stacey Riddle / Lynbrook, NY

“Without food their is no show. Without cake what am I supposed to be excited for?” – Jason Unsel – Seattle, WA

Catch Steve Aoki touring with Caked Up this Fall!

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