girl has best night of her life


Girl Almost Has Best Night Of Her Life

5 Aug , 2014  

Last night, eye witness report seeing a girl that they believe was having the best night of her life.

“She just kept screaming and screaming!” One witness exclaims.

Sources claim that the girl was last seen heading to the mall to purchase a new outfit for the latest music festival to appear in her area. “I knew she was planning something big, but I didn’t know what. She’s always searching for that perfect moment, whether she’s at Chick-Fil-A or heading to the nearest local clothing store to pick up some new distressed skinny jeans.” One close friend, who wished to remain unnamed says.

“I thought she was going to get it this time. Dreams can come true and she just works so hard for it. She’s going to college for womens studies and is really active on Tumblr as well. She has a lot going for her.”

The last time someone had the best night of their life was said to be in 2010. No records exist of the moment though.

“I pray for her. She came so close. So close! I can only wish to have that much fun. Some day I think my time will come. Until then I will just keep working my job every morning. Maybe this weekend I can get away from the family and try. Who knows.” laments a random bystander on the street.

If you believe that you have had the best night of your life, please remember to tell everyone around you.

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