dj spends parents money on beatport charts


Teen Maxxed Parents Credit On Beatport Charts

5 Aug , 2014  

It was a terrible morning when Bill Rogers opened up his credit card statement only to see that they owed the bank upwards of twenty thousand dollars. The statement listed thousands of purchases to the dance music store giant Beatport.

“I was blown away! I only use the family credit cards on emergencies like if the car breaks down.” Mr Rogers tells OMGEDM.

After much research it was found out that their 17 year old son, whom of which is an aspiring EDM producer & DJ, had downloaded the latest Vengeance sample packs and used an online distribution service to publish his latest single, “Put Ur Handz Up” to Beatport. He then started to purchase thousands of copies of his own song as to try to artificially rocket it to the tops of the Electro House charts in hopes of landing enough gigs to pay his parents back.

“I really thought this was my big break! I spent a few hundred on racking up my Facebook and Twitter followers then started trying to get my song on the charts. I was expecting to be at least playing EDC New York and Tomorrowland.” Myles, DJ TRVPATTVK, admits.

Little did Myles know, Beatport had recently changed it’s policy on artists that attempt to buy their way up the charts. No longer can one bump their songs up the charts without a proper fan base purchasing tracks. “We will delete the offending song as soon as we notice any strange boost in sales” says the head of Beatport. “This young man just lost a ton of money that his parents are going to spend a long time paying back”

“I just want my money back”, Roger says. “This is the end of Myles’ rockstar career.”

When asked if Beatport will be refunding the thousands of purchases by the young DJ TRVPATTVK, they haven’t decided what to do. “We’ve already deleted the song from our database. Let this be a lesson to everyone else. Keep your wallets away from your kids.”

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  1. TRVPATTVK says:

    Guys. This is my big break. why are you pulling me down like this?! My parents are already mad enough that I owe them half their yearly salary but lets be real that track is a banger and Steve Aoki will be throwing cakes to it soon. just wait!

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