local dj signs record deal after multiple tweets about being in the studio


Local DJ Signs Record Deal After Multiple Tweets of Being “In The Studio”

18 Aug , 2014  

For many musicians it takes years of hard work and ignored emails to finally get the attention of their favorite record labels and fellow artists. Young Trent Michalls, aka DJ Bass420, seems to have found the newest loophole in getting the major attention that he needed.

“For the past year I just kept emailing people like Steve Aoki & Tiesto telling them how I was a 13 year old producer about to make it big! Then I would attach a 13 meg mp3 of my newest mashup for them to put in their next live set. I guess it worked!” Trent Michalls tells us. “I’m always letting people know that I’m in the studio working on big things. My 100 facebook fans need to know that I’m taking it seriously!  I also post a lot of Vines of me doing some sweet 360 no scopes on Black Ops 2.”

Well, something must have gone right for Trent because just last week, EDM giant Spinnin Records contacted him through facebook and offered him a multi-release contract.

“Trent is the future of dance music. While we’ve never heard a song from him, he does seem to be putting a lot of work into his craft. Every day he tweets a new picture of Ableton open on his computer. He also seems to be working on a lot of collabs.” One unnamed A&R rep from Spinnin comments.

Trent leaves us with this. “My dream came true this week! Now I just need to get my mom to buy me a new laptop so I can tweet about finishing some songs!”

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